July 2023 will be the last Dispatch. Going forward all Dispatch Information will be on the District Website in the appropriate section.
JULY 2023

   As we are now.
A Dispatch is developed by numerous people gathering information. The editor then must assemble the publication, it must be reviewed and then published. We have found that the enormous amount of hours it takes to put the Dispatch together is not in line with the value/timeliness of the information. As soon as the dispatch is published something is always out of date or is not included.  In this electronic age, every section of the dispatch is contained on our website, the Department website or the National website. Our time would be better spent, making sure the appropriate chairman, Chaplin, President, Commander performs the updates directly to our website.  
 What we are doing going forward. 
Starting in the month of July everyone who contributes to the Dispatch/website will be given a log in so that they will be able to post content on their appropriate page. The site has training videos to help, or Chris Ingraham (Webmaster) and I can help, the pages on the website are designed so anyone can post content easily You do not have to have any specialized training or programing ability. Any Post or Aux can forward flyers for events (not meals) they will then be posted in the flyer section, they will also be put on the calendar. If a post uses WebSolutions the information will automatically flow to the post in the district, just like Dept and National flows down now. 
We have also started using the slack app for District items, all post commanders have access to this. 
We will still have due dates for items to be updated by appropriate chairman, chaps, President or Commander. The member roster for the website has been updated. This consist of both comrades and auxiliary. Should someone say they are not getting notifications then they will need to update OMS or Malta and send us an email letting us know to update the member roster. In the future this will become automatic from National. They could have opted out of notification in the beginning, and we can fix that also, we just need to know. 
 On a specific date each month an email we will be sent to everyone on the members roster with the Commanders & Presidents message and directing them to the website for all other information. All program information is contained on the public side of the website, so anyone can access it. The members only can only be accessed by a member who is on the member roster. 
Paula Jansen
District 1 Social Media Chairman

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