District Chairman:  Eric Luke

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California Golden Age Games/Wheelchair Games Program is a program which encourages posts to donate to a program that supports those who wish to participate in the games.

Veterans under VA care, inpatient or outpatient, are potentially eligible to compete in these events at the National level.

For the National Veterans Wheelchair Games (NVWCG) all competitors must be wheelchair (power or manual) users. For the National Veterans Golden Age Games (NVGAG), competitors must be 55 or older (ambulatory, non-ambulatory or vision impaired).

The NVGAG's and the NVWCG's events are very expensive for our California teams. All posts, auxiliaries and pup tents as well as businesses and individuals are urged to donate to this premier rehabilitation and therapeutic program. Competition applications for either of the games are obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs Recreation Therapy Offices in the VA Medical Centers or on-line at and insert the name: National Veterans Golden Age Games or National Veterans Wheelchairs Games in the search block. These applications are usually available about five months prior to the events.

The Wheelchair Games Program funds are restricted and can only be used for National Veterans Wheelchair Games or the National Veterans Golden Age Games Program.

Posts are encouraged to make donations to Department Headquarters utilizing form on – please write "Wheelchair games” on the other donations line. Checks can be made payable to "VFW Department of California.” Please ensure on the bottom left of the check you write "Department Wheelchair Games.” You may also pay by credit card.

Posts should report any volunteer work with the organizations involved in this program via the online reporting system on the Department website. Donations will be considered reported via the paragraph above. This reporting will be considered under "Veterans Advocacy.”