District Chairman:  Wendy Calderon


We request VFW members send their National, State and Local representatives a letter urging their continued support of this issue; this includes asking members of the public to also write on behalf of our missing veterans. To ensure they are never forgotten, all VFW Posts should:

1.Urge support from local news media and club newsletters.
2.Notify all news Media well in advance of all POW/MIA Programs to ensure their participation.
3.Comply with VFW National mandates, and our state resolution that requires having an empty chair at all official function properly personalized with a POW chair cover.
4.Meet the POW/MIA families from your area and see if Post or Auxiliary can be of assistance to them.
5.Urge all Posts and Districts to appoint a POW/MIA Chairperson and send his/her name to the State Chairperson.
6.Urge all Posts and District Commanders, with the help from the Auxiliary, to conduct a ceremony.
7.Urge Posts and Districts to have a POW/MIA Flag on location for meetings and special events.
8.Educate and inform communities, schools, youth groups and local government that the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Flag is only subordinate to the US Flag and should be displayed or presented accordingly.
9.Follow updates on "The National League of POW/MIA Families" website at  http://www.pow-miafamilies.org.
10.Check with the DPAA prior to monthly meeting for the accurate number of MIA’s and announce at Meeting. As of May 6, 2019, there are 82,106 still Missing in Action.
11.You can obtain POW/MIA posters from the DPAA website.
12.The next closest Family Update be January 25, 2020, in Las Vegas, NV.

Posts are requested to document any action taken of items 1, 2, 4, or 8 on the
"make a report” portion of the department website www.VFWCA.org.

While POW/MIA is not a program that counts towards All-State recognition, Posts are encouraged to make donations for this worthwhile program.  All donations are placed into  a restricted fund used only for this program. The donation form can be found in your program book. You may pay by check or by credit card.
Department awards, based on Chairman’s recommendation, will be presented in both categories at the State Convention.