2021-2022 First District Chairmen


 John Lewis (7420)
 Email: nccmlewisj@yahoo.com
 Americanism /4th of July/Loyalty Day
 Chuck Lucas (2422)
 Email: fccs_83@yahoo.com
 Buddy Poppy
 Alexis Henshaw (3783)
 Email: alexishenshaw@hotmail.com
 Buford Maples (5985)
 Email: bmaples4@verizon.net
 Change Direction
 Community Service
 Jim Bennett (2111)
 Email: cjbennett2@cox.net
 Chula Vista Veterans Home
 Hank Schanstra (2111)
 Email: hendrick.schanstra@calvet.ca.gov
 Bill Kimble (7907)
 Email: kimbleheatandair@aol.com
 Tom Dorsey (2275)
 Email: tommy4jc@juno.com
 Mass Install
 Myles Fry (2080)
 Email: mylessfry@gmail.com
 Memorial Day
 Jerry Koehmlein (1512)
 Email: jerrypk@cox.net
 National Home
 Jerry Koehmlein (1512)
 Email: jerrypk@cox.net
 Good Will Tour  (Official Visit)
 Jerry Koehmlein (1512)
 Email: jerrypk@cox.net
 Wendy Calderon (5867)
 Email: tahoe_30@yahoo.com
 Public Relations Dispatch     Paula Jansen 
 Richard Vannoy (3787)
 Email: editor@vfwcadist1.org
 Public Relations Website      Paula Jansen
 Sara Jeyes (3787 Aux) 
 Email: vfwcadist1.webmaster@gmail.com
 Doug Crawford (3783)
 Email: crawford5@yahoo.com
 Stand Down
 Matt Foster (1513)
 Email: mjfoster58@gmail.com
 Student Veterans
 Hank Schanstra (2111)
 Email: Hendrick.Schanstra@calvet.ca.gov
 United Veterans Council
 Joe Brunner (2082)
 Email: waldoj@cox.net
 Randy Treadway (5431)
 Email: treadwaymt@aol.com
 Veterans Day
 Jerry Koehmlein (1512)
 Email: jerrypk@cox.net
 Voice of Democracy/Patriots Pen/Teacher
 Myles Fry (2080)
 Email: mylessfry@gmail.com
 Ways & Means
 Richard Crouch (2111)
 Email: richard.crouch66@ymail.com
 Women Veterans