Citizenship Education
District Chairman Jim Bennett
Citizenship Education is an unfailing love  of country; loyalty to  its institutions and  ideals; eagerness to defend it against all enemies; undivided allegiance to the flag; and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to posterity and ourselves. Today, Citizenship Education is still around, but not everywhere. That is why the Veterans of Foreign Wars must promote Citizenship Education wherever and whenever we can. The VFW's Citizenship Education Program is designed to stimulate an interest in America's history, its traditions and institutions, as well as promote patriotism.

In promoting patriotism, we need to educate our youth about the importance of three special days in remembrance of our great country; Loyalty Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. The Veterans of Foreign Wars started the observance of May 1st as Loyalty Day in the 1930's as a deterrent to the anti-American activities of Communist agitators during parades in our country. It proved to be very effective and was, after many years, officially recognized and signed into law in 1958. Memorial Day (last Monday in May) is about remembering. This day is and should remain, sacred for  all veterans. Veterans Day  (November  11th) is a special day for VFW members. Unlike Memorial Day, it is a time to remember all veterans; both living and dead and their sacrifices. It should not be a day of sadness, but a time of pride and reflection on what veterans have accomplished and the true freedoms they have protected.

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Community Service

Community Service is an important priority in our country and a founding VFW tenet. The VFW has a rich tradition associated with community service; member volunteerism benefits education, the environment, health sciences, and civic projects. How a Post interacts with its community determines the relevancy of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I encourage Posts to join their local Chamber of Commerce as a non-profit member. Working closely with other national organizations, the VFW annually reports over 14 million volunteer hours. Anything you do in your community is reportable. If you are doing the work; report it and get the recognition.

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Safety Recognition

Safety Recognition Programs of the Veteran of Foreign Wars continues to provide and promote programs designed to safeguard our communities. This long-standing commitment to safety has grown through the years to include every possible program or event associated  with safeguarding people. Be creative and develop a safety activity. Reportable activities include Disaster training, CPR/First Aid classes, providing assistance during a disaster, or setting up a disaster relief site equipped to house veterans and their families for at least a twenty-four (24) hour period in case of a major disaster.

The six basic categories in the National Program are as follows:
1.HIGHWAY  SAFETY:Any  activity  intended  to  improve  individual  driving  skills  and awareness, or activities associated with improving safety on our roadways.
2.PEDESTRIAN SAFETY:Any  activity  intended  to  improve  individual  awareness  and visibility or non-motorized vehicle riding skills, awareness and responsibility.
3.RECREATIONAL SAFETY:  Any organized activity associated with improving the skills and responsibilities of those individuals who engage in a recreational activity.
4.HOME/FIRE SAFETY:  Activities designed to promote and inform individuals within the community about protecting their homes, possessions and lives are reportable.
5.DRUG AWARENESS:Any program designed to inform and protect your community from the influence of substance abuse.
6.RECOGNITION/OTHER:A program to bring public recognition to the people of the community who spend their work day protecting lives and property.  Recognizing the heroism/or safety achievements of individuals in the community.  This category may be used to report an activity that does not fit any of the above categories.

Safety education materials are available from the VFW Store Emblem & Supply Catalogue, or by visiting

Important! – To qualify for awards a Post must submit an on-line report at

Please ensure you make reports on the Safety portion of the reporting system.